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Europe is an interesting and diverse continent. Each of the countries that form Europe has its own unique and fascinating culture and history. Visiting any one of the countries is a wonderful experience as you will find so many things to see and do. If you ever have the opportunity to do so, it is worth visiting as many European destinations as you can as you will have a completely different experience in each. While traveling across Europe, you will come across many fascinating landmarks and attractions.


The best museums in Europe

No matter where you go, you're going to want to visit the museums. Some of the world's most prolific architecture, works of art, historical...
Markets -Europe

The best markets in Europe

For the most fun shopping anywhere in Europe, head to an outdoor market. It may be the fruit and vegetable market open each morning,...
Zoo in Europe

Animal parks in Europe

It is well known that children adore animals, they see them as little friends, they have no fear, they touch and stroke them with...

The best National Parks in Europe

The United States may seem like the obvious choice for a national park vacation, especially for American travelers, but Europe has an abundance of...
World Heritage Sites-Europe

List of World Heritage Sites in Europe

Majestic monuments, well-preserved historic neighborhoods, and unique natural attractions are fantastic. Each of the European countries has facilities that deserve special attention. Each of...

The best Christmas Markets in Europe

Which are the Best Christmas Markets in Europe? Need some inspiration? Discover a selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Discover the...

The best Whale-Watching-Spots in Europe

Sea monsters, creatures of the deep, fantastic and charming animals - these names and extra describe the connection of whales to people. Such marine...

Castles and Palaces in Europe

Castles are usually from the medieval period. They have thick walls and their main purpose was defense. Palaces are more impressive and decorated buildings...
Aquariums in Europe

The Best Aquariums in Europe

Remember the first time you saw a picture of an octopus? The sea monster with eight legs that is both terrifying and fascinating at...