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Since liberalisation, more and more long-distance buses have also been on the road in Germany and Europe. This alternative to the railway has been around internationally for a long time. For large parts of Europe, the use of long-distance buses is thus a cheap substitute for flights or travel by car. So that you can plan a good trip, I will tell you some of my experiences with the long-distance bus.


With the long-distance bus through Europe

There have been long-distance bus connections across Europe for decades. In the first few years, this travel option was mostly chosen for cost reasons,...

Tolls in European countries

Whether on holiday, on a business trip or as a commuter, anyone driving a car in Europe usually has to pay tolls. But the...

Long-distance bus overview through Europe

When one thinks of the ways to travel Europe, the bus is rarely on the top of the list. Yet, it is a popular...

Tolls and vignettes in Europe – regulations and costs

Unfortunately, the use of most European motorways or expressways is subject to a fee, but so far there is no uniform EU-wide regulation on...