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The best travel tips are obtained from travelers who have already been there or from people who live there. These empirical values often save you unnecessary expenses and open up a relaxed and rejuvenating vacation.


Republic of Turkey

Turkey is a destination that offers something for all visitors. During the long, hot summer, tourism is concentrated in Istanbul and along the coast,...

Mallorca – Spain

Sun-drenched, golden beaches, spectacular mountain formations and extravagant night life - Mallorca will not leave any visitor disappointed. Each coastal region has its own...

The Algarve – Portugal

The Algarve in southern Portugal can be divided into two regions: The sandy Algarve in the east with endless sandy beaches and marshland and...

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a safe country to visit – it’s important to point out that fact. Yes, there was a war after Yugoslavia’s...

The Faroe Islands – Denmark

In the deep North Atlantic lie 18 beautiful islands just waiting to be discovered. The Faroes are synonymous with unspoiled beauty and untouched nature,...

Balearic Islands – Spain

Imagine you are Coming home. You take off your shoes and feel better than anywhere else. Immediately you feel the comfort of your rooms...

North Macedonia

Macedonia is a small country between Greece, Albania and Bulgaria, which is rarely visited despite its rich culture and wonderful landscapes. A macédoine refers...


Sat on the Atlantic shores in the far South West of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Portugal was the place many travelers set sail from to...


Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has become a popular travel destination over the past few years. From the country’s magnificent glaciers, thundering...