If you are looking for a delightful health spa hotel in Eastern Europe, then you’ve come to the right place. On this page you will find all the information you need on how to book your ideal Eastern Europe spa hotel for healing and relaxation. Choose from some of the best spa hotels in eastern Europe, in the beautiful countries of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary – at great value for money, there is something for everyone!

Home to breath-taking scenery, an abundance of natural healing methods and some of the world’s best spas, Eastern Europe is one of the best destinations for spa holidays and home to some of the best spas in Europe. Read on to discover the best spas in eastern Europe and start planning your break away…


Explore Poland’s picturesque landscapes, from the soothing shores of the Baltic Sea to its magnificent mountain paths in the south. Enjoy a long tradition of spa therapy and treatments derived from natural resources. Our easily accessible, comfortable health spa hotels in Poland provide guests with the highest quality of service at extremely affordable prices.


Glittering lakes and world-class thermal treatments await you at our spas in Hungary, where each region has different treatments to offer. Whether you’re looking to experience the rich culture of the capital Budapest during a city and spa break or seeking nature and tranquillity at one of the countryside natural spas, our spas in Hungary will make all your wellness wishes come true. Click here to view our top offers of health spa hotels in Hungary.

Czech Republic

From the vibrant “golden city” of Prague to the quaint charm of Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic has plenty to offer its guests. As one of the best destinations for spa vacations in Eastern Europe, our health spa hotels in the Czech Republic go above and beyond to ensure that their guests have the spa experience of their dreams.


With its hundreds of mineral water springs, Slovakia is home to many long standing spa towns and traditional hotels. Experience the beauty of this Eastern European country, from its red-roofed cities to its snow-topped Tatras mountain range. Slovakia is indeed the perfect setting for some of the best spa hotels in eastern Europe and in the whole world. Check out our page dedicated to health spa hotels in Slovakia to learn more!


Whether you’re searching for a relaxing short break by the Adriatic Coast, a spa and city escape in a bustling cultural hub or a long and thorough health therapy programme in a tranquil location, our health spa hotels in Croatia offer something to suit everyone.


Have you ever considered a spa holiday in Estonia? With a landscape of over 50% forest and beautiful, traditional villages, Estonia is a must-see location if you are thinking of visiting Eastern Europe. Offering both coastal, thalassotherapy programmes and secluded forestry retreats, Estonia is the ideal place for a rejuvenating spa holiday, solo or with friends. Check out all of our top health spa hotels in Estonia.


As yet unspoilt by excessive tourism, Bulgaria is a paradise for spa and nature lovers. Bulgaria’s Spa hotels include anti-stress, wellness by the sea and intensive nutritional overhaul programmes to leave you feeling as young and fresh as possible after your spa break in Bulgaria. Check out all of our top offers at health spa hotels in Bulgaria.


Despite having a relatively small coast line, Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe with many rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The wildlife is highly diverse and over half of the country is covered by forest. In these beautiful settings, health spa hotels in Slovenia include a vast range of spa therapy types, from thalassotherapy on the Adriatic coast to exotic Ayurveda (an Ancient Indian healing art) and thermal springs – you’re spoilt for choice.


Lithuania impresses with captivating landscapes, unspoiled countryside and long sandy beaches. During your healthy holiday to Lithuania, you will experience that Lithuanians are nature-lovers and celebrate several cultural, traditional festivals throughout the year inlcuding music, dance and theatre festivals.  Some of our health spa hotels in Lithuania have their own mineral water sources and include the healing powers of the water in their treatments as well.

Source: Spadreams.com | Titelfoto: Pixabay

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