There is a lot to choose from in Turkish cuisine. This is mainly due to the fact that there was a wide range of products in the Central Asian regions and in Anatolia. Many different Turkic tribes lived in this area for hundreds of years. Especially in the Seljuk Empire and in the Ottoman Empire, many new dishes developed that are still very popular and indispensable in Turkish cuisine today. There are a lot of meat dishes but also a lot of vegetarian and healthy ones.

The quality of the culture of Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is one of the most advanced cuisines in the world as the Turks had controlled the spice route for years. Spices aren’t just for flavoring, they also extend the life of the meat. The Turks had very many suitable areas for agriculture, tillage and animal husbandry. That is why there is a lot of choice in Turkish cuisine, both for vegetable dishes and for meat dishes. During the migrations they influenced the cuisines of other peoples, but their own cuisine was also influenced by other peoples. The meals also differed according to the socio-economic level of the families.

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