If you are visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia, then this Dubrovnik travel guide will help you discover things to do, the best places to stay, eat and drink as well as provide all necessary travel information about Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik, the southernmost town in Croatia, is probably more popular than Croatia itself. Vera grew up in this region and we’ll share here everything we know about Dubrovnik to help you plan your visit.

Dubrovnik is really beautiful, although at times it can feel too touristy (crowded, and expensive). However, Dubrovnik is one of its kind, and certainly a must-visit destination in Croatia. Dubrovnik has been UNESCO listed World Heritage Site since 1979. The most popular attraction in Dubrovnik is a pedestrian-only old town and surrounding city walls.


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Source: Frankaboutcroatia.com | Titelfoto: Pixabay

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