You may be familiar with Spanish cuisine through one of its most popular offshoots, the tapas bar. It’s a perfect concept really — multiple courses of little appetizers, so you can try lots of different dishes, like fried calamari or bacon-wrapped dates, without getting full. Serve alongside a pitcher of sangria (white or red) for the full experience. If you’re feeling extra fancy, go for a glass of Spanish cava — or use it to make any of our bubbly cocktails to serve alongside your meal.

Because of Spain’s location along the Iberian Peninsula, many of its national dishes contain seafood. We’ve included a few more traditional ones, like paella, and some only influenced by Spanish cuisine, like our lemon garlic shrimp. If you’re not one for seafood, there’s also a number of vegetarian dishes, like lentil soup or paella verdura, too…

28 Spanish Recipes That Will Transport You Straight To Spain

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It is often the small details that turn a simple meal into an experience. If you also serve the right drinks, you give the whole thing a very special touch. That's why this culinary overview also contains general and national drink tips...

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