Lisbon is the perfect destination for a city trip and a holiday in Portugal is not complete without a visit to its capital. This Lisbon travel tips will make your visit to this culturally rich city even better. Most of Lisbon’s sights are located in and around the old city. They’re all within walking distance of each other which makes it perfectly doable to explore the city on foot.

Nothing is more fun than to wander through the narrow cobblestone streets and be surprised by the city’s charm. The city is also called the City of Seven Hills. It doesn’t take long to find out why when you walk around the city. If you are tired of all the climbing and descending, you can rest on a terrace with a glass of Vinho Verde (green wine). An extremely refreshing wine that you can only find in Portugal and which is ideal to quench your thirst on sunny days.

Another way to take some rest is to hop on the well-known yellow trams. A ride with these trams should not be missed.

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