Nearly 300km long, its stunning Adriatic coastline is sprinkled with historic towns, lively beach resorts, secluded coves and beautiful white-stone fishing villages. The remote, often inhospitable interior, meanwhile, displays an outstanding array of snow-dusted peaks, crystal clear lakes and rivers, deep forests and canyons. The whole adds up to a diverse landscape that is extraordinary for such a small country.

Extending from the southern tip of Croatia down to the border with Albania, the Montenegrin coast is the country’s real jewel. Blessed with abundant sunshine, warm water and endless strips of sandy and pebble beaches, this startlingly beautiful coastline packs in some of the most striking scenery of the entire Adriatic.

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Montenegro is officially divided into 21 municipalities, which can be grouped into five regions:

  1. Bay of Kotor
    This bay is considered one of the most beautiful bays of Europe, and features the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Perast and Kotor, as well as other typically Mediterranean towns.
  2. Budva Riviera
    The main tourist drag with nice beaches, historic villages and wild nightlife.
  3. Central Montenegro
    This is the heart of the country with the state capital Podgorica, the historical capital Cetinje and the industrial center Nikšić. It is also home to natural beauty, such as Skadar Lake National Park and Lovćen National Park.
  4. Montenegrin South Coast
    The Adriatic coast around the towns of Bar and Ulcinj, the latter one having an Albanian majority.
  5. North Montenegrin Mountains
    This region is entirely situated within the Dinaric Alps, famous for its untouched wild nature. A must is the Tara River Canyon in Durmitor National Park. Žabljak is Montenegro’s winter sports capital.


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