Sat on the Atlantic shores in the far South West of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Portugal was the place many travelers set sail from to discover the New World. Centuries on, why not make it the first place you visit on your way across Europe? With a glistening coastline bathed in the fresh waters of the Gulf Stream and a beautiful interior landscape of mountains and hills, Portugal is a real, natural wonder.

Explore the culture of Lisbon or relax on the magnificent beaches of the Algarve, considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Sail the River Douro from Porto inland, cycle the stunning Sintra mountains in the South West or explore the wonderfully green hillsides of the volcanic Azores. And when the activity is finished, tuck into some of the worlds finest seafood and an incredible selection of wine and port!

Source: | Titelfoto: Pixabay

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