There is perhaps no place on Earth that can rival the beauty of Norway’s fjords – as if Odin himself carved out mountains, splattered waterfalls on his canvas, and then flooded his own work into the Norwegian Sea. Each spot will seem more beautiful than the next – so where do you choose to start?

Giant glacier tongues licked these mountains time and time again across millions of years, leaving us with the incredible panoramas we marvel at today. The entire west coast of Norway is a maze of waterways, waterfalls, cliffsides, and mile-long views, and any amount of time here won’t seem like enough.

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These are the best fjords to visit in Norway, on your next trip through Scandinavia:

Geirangerfjord | Hardangerfjord | Sognefjord | Nærøyfjord | Lysefjord | Aurlandsfjord | Oslofjord | Trollfjord | Nordfjord | Lyngenfjord


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