There are several city passes for each of the most popular cities in Europe. In Barcelona, for example, you have to choose between several city passes. There are also offers for more specific interests. No two city passes are the same. Each one contains different services, has different terms, prices and restrictions.

The respective advantages are advertised on the websites of the providers. But the disadvantages of a city pass often only become apparent after purchasing it. You will seldom be able to answer whether a pass is worthwhile before your trip.

At we take a close look at every City Pass. For each city pass, we show all services and evaluate the purchase price in comparison to buying the tickets individually. We name the advantages and disadvantages and estimate for whom the City Pass might be worthwhile.


We also compare the most important passes of a city with each other. We work out the differences between the city passes and compare the services and purchase prices. Our goal is to show you which pass is worthwhile for you. If you purchase a City Pass through our website, we will receive a commission from the providers. This does not make the city pass more expensive for you.

What is a City Pass?

A city pass is an entrance ticket to several sights. City passes usually contain the most important attractions of a city: popular museums and other cultural highlights, viewpoints for a fee, and city tours. With many city passes, you can also use local public transport and the hop-on hop-off buses.

A City Pass can be worthwhile if you are in a city for the first time. So you only need one ticket for the most important sights. Often with this admission ticket you can walk past the long lines that form in front of some sights. In addition, you save money with a City Pass, because it is cheaper than buying all tickets individually. The more attractions you visit, the more the city pass is worth it.

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City Cards and City Passes in Europe

Without a doubt, Europe has more city cards and city passes to offer than all the world’s other regions put together, yet most of these are only available in the western regions heading west from Germany and Italy. There is a good number of City pass and City card locations available in Europe, and we are always trying to find more, to offer the widest possible selection.

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