There have been long-distance bus connections across Europe for decades. In the first few years, this travel option was mostly chosen for cost reasons, because there were no such cheap train and flight offers as we know them today. However, the buses offered little comfort, it was cramped and often musty, air conditioning a rarity.

From east to west, from north to south

The new generation of long-distance buses combines comfort with low prices. Comfortable seats, legroom, air conditioning, toilet on board and TV are now standard. The bus is a comfortable way to travel from Hamburg to Venice as well as from Munich to Prague, Bratislava or Budapest. The prices roughly correspond to those of the train, whereby the bus is the more pleasant option compared to the train with coaches, especially for night journeys.

Explore Europe by bus

An exciting holiday variant for individual travelers is probably a tour of Europe by bus. From one big city to another, you put together the route yourself and you can also vary the length of stay, because the intervals between long-distance buses are becoming increasingly frequent. Especially for young travelers, this type of vacation can be an exciting affair. A different city every day, meeting new people and discovering the beauty and culture of Europe, that certainly has its appeal and stands out from tightly organized tours.

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